Heater safety for winter

Make sure you check your heater before your use it!

Did you know that a faulty or unserviced gas or electric heater can pose a huge safety risk?

Gas heaters that have not been serviced can result in the presence of carbon monoxide. This can pose a risk and cause house fires and poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless. Some signs that gas heaters require servicing include;

  • Difficulty when lighting
  • Strange smells
  • Yellow flames
  • Noisy or faulty fans

It is important for your family’s safety to have your gas heater installed by a trained qualified licenced gas fitter and have it serviced before winter sets in.

Another household risk is the electric heater. Too often they are put too close to flammable materials like curtains and clothing or are knocked over onto carpet and this can result in household fires.

If you follow the Fallon Services heater safety tips you will be on track to keep your family warm this winter safely.

  • Carry out a visual inspection for any worn cords or melted plugs and have your equipment repaired by an authorised agent before your use it.
  • Make sure the heater is well ventilated and not resting against walls or curtains when in operation.
  • Never leave a portable heater unattended – especially if you have children. Always turn off the heater if you are going to sleep or leaving the house.
  • A natural gas flame burns blue, a yellow flame can be a sign that it needs maintenance. (note some decorative gas heaters are designed to be yellow- if in doubt contact a gas plumber)
  • If you smell gas, turn off the appliance immediately and contact your gas supplier.
  • Do not use outdoor patio heaters indoors. They require adequate ventilation.
  • Ensure your gas appliances are run and maintained according to the manufactures service schedule.