HID Light Maintenance

Due to the fire risk associated with ageing HID lighting lamps and components regular maintenance is essential.

High-intensity discharge lamps (HID Lamps) produce light by creating and sustaining an electrical discharge between two electrodes which excites a mixture of xenon gas and mercury for bright white light. HID bulbs provide the highest efficacy and longest life of any lighting type. Common in commercial, industrial and outdoor use HID lights can take a while to produce light due to the ballast establishing the electric arc.

Problems can occur in many styles of HID lamps (eg. metal halide or high-pressure sodium) when the lamps are at the end of their life. An episode known as ‘cycling’ can arise. Symptoms ‘cycling’ are:

  • the colour of the lamp changes significantly
  • there is a large reduction in lamp brightness
  • the lamp can take an extended time to light
  • the lamp doesn’t light at all
  • the lamp intermittently switches on and off as the ignition process cycles.

Lamps and components can overheat as they age becoming ongoing fire hazards. Manufacturers advise that it is essential for components to be replaced at the time of lamp failure and replacement to avoid this.

Fallon Services Master Electricians can repair and replace any faulty HID lighting in your business.