Hot water system requirements amended – 1 Feb 2013

From 1 February 2013, the previous mandatory requirements to install energy-efficient hot water systems in new and existing houses in areas of reticulated gas have been repealed. Previously the hot water system choices in these areas were restricted to gas, solar and heat pumps with the recent change in regulation homeowners can now install electric hot water systems.

This repeal of regulation allows homeowners to purchase the best system for their budget, household requirements and location.

The Queensland Government’s previous phase-out of electric hot water systems in all existing homes in favour of more energy-efficient options will not continue.

Building development applications lodged prior to 1 February 2013 will be required to meet the pre 1 Feb regulations. Homeowners who have not been issued a final certificate from the building certifier can apply for an electric hot water system variation for their approval.

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Tempering Valves

Tempering valves are required by law to be fitted on all hot water systems (new or replacement). Tempering valves reduce the temperature of the water coming out of the tap from the required water storage temperature of 60 degrees to a safer 50 degrees to reduce the incidence of scalding.

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