Don’t forget about this regular hot water system valve check

Regular maintenance is essential for having a safe and reliable hot water system. Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay enough attention to our hot water systems until something goes wrong. Whether it’s the circuit breaker constantly tripping or the valve failing to open, these issues can be solved by performing regular checks on your system. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can easily check your hot water system valves in order to prevent any future mishaps.

What does each valve on your hot water system do?

Trio Valve
Trio valve

Trio valve – an isolating, non-return, pressure-limiting valve

  • Used to isolate the water supply if it needs to be turned off for the house or hot water unit for any reason.
  • Stops water from returning back through to the cold water line.
  • Limits the pressure of the water coming into the tank.

Cold water expansion valve

  • Relieves water from the tank as it heats up via the drain line.

Temperature-pressure relief valve
Temperature-pressure relief valve

Temperature/pressure relief valve

  • Is a safety feature that releases water out of the tank when it reaches 99C if the thermostat were to fail to stop the tank from overheating and exploding.

Tempering valve plumber and customer
Tempering valve (with yellow cap in image)

Tempering valve

  • The tempering valve mixes the water coming from the tank at above 60C with cold water to a safer delivery temperature of 50C or lower to prevent scalds.

Understanding the functions of your hot water valves

How to test the pressure relief valves

Our plumbers recommend testing the hot water pressure relief valves every 6 months by manually releasing the valves to make sure water comes through the valve (check the drain line for water once the valve is open).

Technique – Place your finger underneath the valve and thumb on the top, and lightly pull the lever until water flows through to the drain.

Testing hot water system valve

The cold water valve should also be tested using this technique to ensure water can flow through it effectively.

Why it’s important to regularly test hot water system valves?

It is important to regularly test the hot water system valves as they are designed to prevent injury or damage to the system caused by blocked lines, over-pressurising, and overheating.

These valves can become clogged with sediment and dirt, causing them to not work correctly in an emergency situation. Regular testing can help ensure that all the valves are working correctly and can help prevent any potential problems.

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