How a smart intercom can benefit you and your home

We’ve all been in situations where we couldn’t open the front door for a guest or family member because we were in the middle of something or simply not home. Or we keep missing the delivery driver because they only seem to turn up when we’re at work.

This can be frustrating, especially in situations when a family member forgot to bring keys and can’t get into the house.

But these are problems you don’t have to worry about if you have a smart intercom installed in your home that lets you take control of your door.

How does an AIPHONE video intercom work?

AIphone video intercom system

Smart intercoms improve the convenience and security of your home by letting you monitor your front door from wherever you are.

The hardwired AIPHONE interior station is connected to the Wi-Fi router of the home and it connects to your smartphone, so you’re able to see and talk to guests through an app. Up to eight mobile devices can be registered to your master station.

The system allows hands-free communication and the master station is easily operated by a touch screen.

What are the benefits of wireless control intercoms?

  •  You always know what’s happening at your doorstep

The interior master station connects to your smartphone, so you can always monitor the door – even when you’re on the go.

  •  Missed a visitor? No problem!

The intercom camera can record visitors, so if you’re not able to answer your doorbell, you can view the recordings from the master station or on your smartphone.

  •  Answer calls anywhere – inside or outside your home

You don’t have to be home to answer calls, the mobile app gives you the ability to see and talk with visitors when you’re outside your home. So if you have a parcel delivered to your house while you’re not home, you can easily give the delivery driver instructions via your smartphone to come back later or leave the parcel at the entrance.

  •  Remotely unlock your door

You can also operate the electric door lock that’s connected to the master station on your smartphone. Remotely unlock the door for a family member that forgot his/her keys or to let the cleaning service into your house.

If you’re interested in having an AIPHONE video intercom with Wi-Fi installed in your home, give us a call on 1300 712 028