How Installing the Best Solar Panels can Benefit your Home

According to data from the Clean Energy Regulator, solar PV (photovoltaic) panels have been installed on the roofs of over a million households in Australia. Advocates of solar power in Brisbane are certainly contributing to the nationwide effort to reach the government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET): By 2020, at least 20% of all electricity across Australia should be generated via renewable means.

Part of the reason why more Australians are making the jump to solar PV systems could be the government’s initiative to set financial incentives in place, targeting homeowners who favour eligible renewable energy systems in their homes. However, here are a few more reasons why you might want to consider the possibility of solar panels installation over your own roof.

1. Solar PV systems let you save on your power bills.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of adopting a solar PV system for your home is the money you’ll save on your electric bill. Generating your own electricity means you consume less from the grid. Sure, you’ll need to spend a bit at the start for installation procedures, but think of the savings you’ll incur in the long run. Besides, when your primary energy supplier is Mother Nature, you’ll never have to worry about supply limits or costs.

2. Solar PV systems let you save the environment.

Solar PV systems generate “green” energy, meaning there are no emissions of greenhouse gases that threaten the environment. By opting for a solar panel configuration for your energy needs, you aren’t just cutting back on your electric bill, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. It’s free and environment-friendly energy, what more can you ask for?

3. Solar PV systems could save you from increasing costs of traditional energy sources.

Because you wouldn’t be relying on traditional sources of energy such as gases, oil and fossil fuels, you’ll effectively be safeguarding yourself from the generally inevitable rise in energy costs as the years roll by.

4. Solar PV systems could add to your home’s market value.

From a real estate perspective, a home fitted with solar panels is especially attractive to potential buyers who are either thrifty, concerned about the environment, or both. If you’re planning to sell your house somewhere along the line, it might be wise to prepare it for “sunnier” times.

5. Solar PV panels are unobtrusive and easy to maintain.

Unlike loud electrical generators, solar PV panels don’t make noise and have no mechanical moving parts. This results in an easier maintenance process, as they are less prone to malfunctioning. Aside from that, they’re quite easy to install.

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