How long will an appliance last?

Is your washing machine starting to rattle and dance across the laundry floor? Does the fridge struggle to keep the milk cold on hot days? Is the air conditioner pumping out warm air in January? Knowing how long your appliances will last can help when the ‘repair or replace’ question comes around.

Of course, there are many variables that can affect the life of an individual appliance but studies have found that, on average, the ducted air conditioning will outlive the microwave, and the fridge will kick on for a few years after the dishwasher gives up the ghost.

Factors such as frequency of use, quality of the appliance brand or model, and the amount or regularity of maintenance carried out can shorten or extend the useful life of an appliance.

The life expectancy of an appliance

The average life expectancy of common household appliances.

  • 9 years – dishwasher, microwave oven, compact fridge
  • 10 years – split system air conditioner, washing machine, gas storage hot water system
  • 11 years – freezer, electric storage hot water system
  • 12 years – garbage disposal
  • 13 years – dryer, electric oven, fridge
  • 14 years – rangehood
  • 15 years – ducted air conditioner, gas oven
  • 20+ years – instant hot water systems

Keep your appliances healthy by fixing issues as they pop up rather than putting off repairs. Small problems can easily lead to more extensive issues as the appliance has to work harder if all components are not in good working order. This can also affect the energy efficiency as the appliance often needs to draw more power to overcome the complication.

How to extend the life of your appliance

  •  Buy quality – invest in a proven product from reputable brands, research the best option before you buy.
  •  Regular maintenance – carrying out routine cleaning and maintenance will keep the appliance in top condition for longer.
  •  Appliance repairs – fix problems or breakdowns as they occur.

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