How safe is your switchboard?

Your switchboard is the central hub of your home’s electrical system. If any problems occur with the switchboard, it can affect the wiring of your home.

It is important you know the state of your switchboard, especially if you’re living in an older home to reduce the risk of electrical problems and know when it is time to upgrade your switchboard.

You may need a switchboard to upgrade if:

  • You have an old switchboard with ceramic rewireable fuses. When these fuse boxes were installed, homes didn’t have as many appliances in use every day as we do now. Old switchboards are now a potential fire hazard due to overloading.
  • Your home experiences frequent power outages and tripping.
  • You have recently renovated – for example, a new kitchen or upgraded entertainment area – and added new electrical devices that draw more power.
  • Your switchboard is not fitted with electrical safety switches.
  • You added an extension to your home such as extra power points, lights etc.

Investing in a new or upgraded switchboard also means you’re investing in your family’s safety. Under Queensland law, all modern switchboard installations have mandatory electrical safety switches installed. Safety switches safe lives, they act when an electrical fault occurs and will immediately isolate the circuit.

Fallon switchboard upgrades before & after

1. The switchboard on the left has an old chipboard backing which is a fire hazard. The upgraded switchboard on the right is in a new metal fire-rated enclosure.

Old fuse box Upgraded switchboard

2. The first switchboard is full of old rewireable ceramic fuses with safety switch protection only on power points. The upgraded switchboard now has individual safety switches on all circuits.

Old fuse box New Switchboard

3. This switchboard has some old rewireable ceramic fuses with safety switch protection only on power points. The upgraded switchboard has individual safety switches on every circuit and also has whole house surge protection fitted.

Old fuse box
Upgraded switchboard

Our master electricians can assess if your switchboard meets current standards, or if it is in need of an update; call us on 1300 712 028 to arrange a time.