How The New Wiring Rules Affect New Hot Water System Installations

New AS3000 electrical wiring rules were introduced in July 2018 which affect the installation of new hot water systems. The rule applies to new installations or relocations of hot water units meaning new units will now require an independent isolator switch to be installed near the unit and an additional circuit breaker in the switchboard.

We’ve provided some information below which might help you to understand the recent rule changes.

Upgrading your hot water system

Let’s assume you’re planning to upgrade your hot water system to a bigger one with more kilowatts because e.g. you run out of hot water too quickly, the new rules will apply.

Upgrade the system, upgrade to the new rules.

Replacing your hot water system

No additional electrical work will be required if you’re simply replacing your hot water system with a similar unit (same kilowatt size/litre size).

Relocating your hot water system

If you’re having your hot water unit relocated and the cables have to be extended or they’re changing kilowatt size, then the new rules will apply.

Different circuit, additional switch.

Our plumbers are well trained, so they can include the price of the electrical works in the upfront price. No need for more tradespeople to attend the site and waste your time with multiple visits.

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