How to dispose of your air conditioner or fridge correctly

When replacing your split system air conditioner, window air conditioner, refrigerator or freezer care must be taken to dispose of the old unit correctly. The refrigerant gas in many of these appliances is fluorocarbon which, if released into the atmosphere, has a very harmful effect on the ozone and can contribute to global warming.

Laws and regulations

In 1989 the government released the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act making it an offence to discharge fluorocarbon refrigerant into the atmosphere. 1kg of fluorocarbon refrigerant emissions has the same greenhouse effect as running your car for 6 months. The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 outlined the recovery process which needs to be undertaken to safely disposed of the gas.

How to dispose of fluorocarbon gas

A technician licensed with a ‘Restricted Refrigerant Recoverer License’ (RRRL) can recover, store and then pass on the gas to an authorised business. The fluorocarbon gas is forwarded to the national collection point and destroyed using an Australian developed plasma-arc process which transforms the gas to harmless salty water.

ARC licensed technicians

Fallon Solutions has RRRL licensed technicians to carry out the safe disposal of the fluorocarbon gas in your old split system air conditioner when we install your new air conditioning system.

ARC Tick

Safely dispose of your air conditioner

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