How to get the best from your home theatre system

TV sports coverage is seriously cranking up for the winter viewing season. It’s time to dust off your team jersey, fluff up the couch cushions and settle in for a cracker winter of sports.

If you’re not already an avid fan, now is a fantastic time to take up armchair sports. There’s something on the telly for just about every devoted sports enthusiast (plus loads for those who just enjoy a good show) NRL, rugby union, AFL, soccer, swimming, golf and so much more.

We also have the spectacular 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to look forward to in August. The amazing showcase of super talented athletes from around the world doing what they do best, delivered straight to our loungerooms.

For a few short weeks, the average Joe becomes an ‘expert judge’ for sports they probably won’t admit to knowing anything about for at least another 4 years. (Admit it, we all love watching synchronised swimming. Nobody knows why, but we do.)

Olympic sports like diving (Oooh, big splash, he’ll get a low score for that one), equestrian dressage (Mmm, lovely trotting from that horse, at least a 7.6) and trampoline gymnastics (Ahh, nice somersault, she’ll go to top position for sure) all get the couch expert critique.

Getting crystal clear, reliable sound and pictures are essential for premium sports viewing.

Not getting amazing sound and pixel perfect picture? Make sure your TV and media system is set up correctly. You may not be using your home theatre system to its full capacity and missing out on many great features which could enhance your home entertainment experience.

If you are suffering from poor television reception, with dropouts or loss of signal during bad weather, get the antenna checked by a professional antenna technician. They’ll test the signal strength, check your cables and points and suggest upgrades if needed to ensure you get strong and reliable TV reception.

Home theatre systems promise to bring the cinema experience into our homes but if yours sounds more like you’ve set up in a tin shed with a pair of old gramophones, it’s probably not set up properly. The problem is, no two rooms are the same, many factors can affect the sound quality of your system such as the size of the room, what’s in it, and where the TV and speakers are positioned.

Home theatre setup

A basic home theatre surround sound setup with 5 speakers + subwoofer could look something like this:

Home Theatre Setup
Surround sound home theatre set up

However, as mentioned before, each system and space will be different, don’t be afraid to fine-tune the setup until you get the best sound for your room. Like all things tech, there is always someone out there who knows all the in’s and out’s, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need some help, call in the home theatre installation professionals, you’ll be amazed how great the sound experience can be with expert assistance and advice.

Don’t miss a minute of winter sports action, whether you’re watching the footy or fencing (or both).

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