How to install a TV antenna

UPDATE – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL YOUR OWN TV ANTENNA – Call a professional who will ensure the antenna is safely installed for the best TV reception possible.

Right, you have decided to install a new antenna for your TV. It is a relatively simple job, but before you begin, it needs to be stressed that your safety is paramount and that you need to think through everything before you start. Mounting an antenna generally involves working at height, so if you don’t have a head for heights you may want to hire someone. If you’re good with heights, here goes.

First up, you need to work out what type of antenna and cable you are going to need. Brisbane is about to make the switch to digital TV in 2013, so you are going to want to get a TV antenna that will receive this signal. You will also need a low loss coaxial cable to get optimum reception.

Next, you need to work out where the closest transmitting tower is. This will help you work out where to position your antenna. Once you have a general idea, it makes sense to get up on the roof with the antenna plugged into the TV and experiment with what position gives you the best reception. When you have figured this out, fix the antenna in place, making sure you use a waterproof seal on the screw holes.

Now all you have to do is secure the cable, plastic ties are good for this, plug it all in and turn the TV on.