How to keep your dishwasher in top shape

Maintaining your dishwasher by cleaning it may sound like a strange concept. After all, it’s an appliance used to clean dirty dishes which can create the assumption that it automatically keeps itself clean.

But after regular usage, food debris can build up, often resulting in a decreased performance of your dishwasher.

So if your dishwasher isn’t doing a satisfying job at cleaning dishes, it’s time to get it back in top shape with the following maintenance tips.

  • There’s a reason we were told to rinse our dishes before putting them in the dishwasher when we were kids. Scraping off leftover food into the bin and running your dirty dishes under hot water before racking them in the dishwasher will help keep your filter clean.
  • A well-maintained filter will help improve the efficiency of your dishwasher, that’s why it’s important to clean the filter each month by running it under hot water and using a brush to get rid of any food residue that accumulated.
Dishwasher filter
  • Don’t forget to fill up your rinse aid dispenser. This will help prevent water spots and will keep your glasses sparking clean. If your dishwashing tablets or powder contains rinse aid, there’s no need to add more.
  • To remove bad odours and grease, empty the dishwasher completely and run it on its hottest cycle while it’s empty; this will flush away old food particles and give the dishwasher a fresher smell.

If your dishwasher is still not working properly or making strange noises, then it could be in need of a repair.

Our team of appliance repair technicians can service a big range of dishwasher brands and are happy to help.

When the technician is at your home, also ask about our descaling services which will clean and freshen up your dishwasher and have it running at its best in no time! Simply call us on 1300 712 028 to make a booking.