How to save money and still use an airconditioner

With the rising cost of electricity, everyone wants to get the most out of their air conditioner. Often the best way to ensure efficiency is to call an air conditioner servicing company but there are also a few simple things you can do.

A few easy steps to assist

The most basic and effective thing you can do is to reduce your need for air conditioning. This often involves planning for the long term. First up, trees are important as they can block the sun during the summer, though you need to be careful to plant deciduous trees so that they do not block your winter sun as well. Make sure you prune the lower branches of the trees around your house though, as they will otherwise block the cooling summer breezes.

Turning many of your appliances off during the day and only using them at night is another way of reducing the need for air conditioning, as they give off a surprising amount of heat.

Next up is securing your house so that your air conditioner is being used efficiently. It is amazing how many places are badly insulated and have large gaps and holes where hot air rushes in. By insulating and closing your house you are reducing the work your air conditioner has to do.

Finally, only cool the parts of your house that you are using. Many people cool the entire house even though they spend most of their time in one room. Think about your daily habits and use the air conditioner accordingly.