How to set up the ultimate home entertainment system

Television and entertainment have evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. Some things haven’t changed – we still enjoy going to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster. You can also get the cinematic experience without leaving the house! Sit back and relax with some tips on making the most out of your home entertainment system.

1. Home entertainment system installation preparation

Before you go out and buy the equipment you think you’ll need, think about how you want to make use of the space.

Are you going to wall mount the TV? If so, it’s worth having your powerpoints and aerial outlet relocated to hide the wires and cords. What kind of sound system do you want and will it suit the space? Surround sound systems come in different sizes including wall-mounted, stand-alone or small speakers that need a shelf. Soundbars are an alternative to having multiple speakers, but they do not offer true surround sound and many don’t allow for additional speakers to be added.

2. Speaker placement

The placement of surround sound speakers can impact the audio quality. Each speaker should be angled the same and positioned the same distance from the seating. You may need to check the manual of the speakers and find the channel type (5.1, 7.1 or 9.1) to determine the best positioning. If you’re opting for a soundbar, make sure it doesn’t block your TV’s remote sensor.

3. Cords & wires

Invest in good cabling. HDMI cables should be labelled as 18gbps as a speed standard: this means that they are compatible with most video or sound signals. The longer the distance you need to run it, the thicker it should be. Organise and label your cords and make sure you do not overload powerboards or add multiple adaptors on top of them.

Receivers allow for multiple connections to consoles and accessories, allowing for more functionality and a better-organised system. Make sure it is compatible with every device you plan on using.

4. Music streaming & gaming consoles

Do you have a Smart TV and is it already set up? Most modern TVs come with smart functionality that allows access to streaming such as Netflix, Stan, YouTube and music streaming such as Spotify, so long as you have an account with these services. If you don’t have a device or TV that streams, there are options to buy add-on media streamers.

Will you use a universal remote? Some new models of consoles and devices allow for smartphone control or are even controllable through Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

The possibilities are endless for creating a home entertainment experience and it can be tailored to any space and any preferences. It is really about what you want to get out of it and how you like to enjoy it.

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