How To Stop A Washing Machine From Moving When Operating

It is not much fun going into the laundry to find that your washing machine is halfway across the room and has unplugged itself from the water supply. Especially if your laundry is now a lake. Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent your washing machine from going wobbling across the laundry.

Grab a spirit level and make sure that the washing machine is level. You may need to adjust the legs if it isn’t. An unlevel machine is far more likely to take a wander across the floor, so this is really important.
Once you have got it level, you should place some non-slip gripper pads underneath the feet. These can be bought from most hardware stores. They will anchor your wayward machine. These will only work if the machine is level though.

The load mix is also important. Try to mix large and small items in your loads as this will balance the wash out. If you do have to put a load of heavy items through then try to put an even number of them in so they balance out. That way your machine is less likely to develop the wobbling motion that will let it wander.