How to work out the energy efficiency of your new air conditioner

Many electrical appliances in Australia, including air conditioners, have Energy Rating Stickers on them. These use a basic star rating to help you compare at a glance the most energy-efficient unit.

However, unlike most appliances, air conditioners can perform 2 different tasks: either heating or cooling. This means that you can purchase 3 different types of air conditioners:

  • Heat Only (not usual in Australia)
  • Cool Only
  • Reverse Cycle (can both heat or cool)

As heating and cooling will use different amounts of energy, these units use three different types of stickers.

Heating or cooling only air conditioners

Aircon cool only energy ratingAircon heating only star rating

Reverse cycle air conditioners

Reverse cycle air conditioner energy rating

The Capacity Output (kW) shown on these labels, shows the amount of heat that will be removed (cooling) or added (heating) to a room when the Air Conditioner is run. To calculate your required air conditioner size, you need to consider the size of the room, climate and design of your house (eg. windows, insulation, orientation etc). But as a general guide you can use the size of the room alone:

  • .125 kW/sqm for Living Rooms
  • .08 kW/sqm for Bedrooms

To get an accurate size, contact us to arrange a quote.