How Often Should I Get Electrical Tests Done?

Electrical testing is something that every household and business should have done regularly. Under the electrical safety act, this varies between 3 months and 5 years. The danger is that often the first sign a homeowner or business person will have that there is an electrical problem is when there is a fire or someone is electrocuted. Because the problems are not immediately visible, the only way to ensure that you, your family, your employees and your business are safe is to have regular electrical tests.

For employers, in particular, having regular tests is essential as the Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Acts requires “an employer to provide and maintain a safe workplace” which includes ensuring that no employees are hard or killed due to electric shock or electrical fire.

Generally speaking, all portable electrical equipment should be tested every year or so to ensure that it is still safe and functional. If this equipment is used extremely frequently, for example, if it is hired equipment, then it should be tested on a more frequent basis.

Also, any electrical equipment purchased second hand should be tested prior to use. Even if the appliance works, it should still be tested by someone qualified to ensure that it is not faulty.