IMPORTANT! Solar Power DC Isolator Switch Recalls

Do you have a solar power system installed? Are you at risk of a house fire due to a faulty DC Isolator Switch? Make sure you read on to find more and what you should do.

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office has issued safety advice on the following DC Isolator Switches:

  • Avanco branded DC isolators (model numbers AV/DC4P25A, AV/DC2P25A, AV/DC4P25AUB, AV/DC2P625AU, AV/DC2P25AU, AV/DC2/2P25AU, AV/DC2/2P125AU, AV/DC4P25AU, AV/DC4P25AUS, and AV/DC4P25AUT).
  • PvPower branded DC isolators (model number XPDCISO1000V32A).

These switches are a rotary type on a grey box with a red switch on a yellow background. The Avanco brand has its name across the front.

Recalled Avanco DC isolator switches

Why is there safety advice on these solar power isolator switches?

The Queensland Government believes that around 40 fires have been started as a result of these DC Isolator Switches overheating. Both importers of these switches have also issued a recall.

What should you do?

If you have one of these isolator switches on your solar power system, you should immediately shut down your system and contact your solar power installer to organise a replacement. DO NOT leave your system operating in case the switch becomes overheated and catches on fire.

If you no longer have contact with the original solar installers (or would rather not use them again), you can contact us and we can help you with a replacement.

Where can I find more information on this solar isolator switch recall?

You can find more information at the following Queensland Government links: