Improving your digital TV reception

Have problems with your digital TV services?

You may improve your reception by doing one or more of the following:

Reposition Your Antenna – often simply raising the height or position of your antenna will improve your reception. Because of the nature of digital TV, where the signal doesn’t fade in quality but drops off quickly, by simply moving your antenna you can vastly improve your reception.

Switching to an Alternate Transmission – you may need to change antennas from a VHF to a UHF to get the full benefits of alternate digital services from the local area translators.

Change Your Cabling and Connectors – frequently the problem is not with your digital TV antenna but with the cabling and connectors, which pick up interference from household appliances. Get low loss, quad shielded coaxial cables and high-quality F connectors to minimise the interference.

Rescan your Digital Channels – Depending on the model of the set-top box or in-built receiver, you may need to rescan your channels every now and then as new services may not be automatically added.

Remember that if you are having trouble you should call a professional digital TV antenna installer as they will provide you with excellent advice and service.