Infinity cable needs to be replaced

A report just out from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states that the majority of the faulty Infinity and Olsent electrical cable is still to be replaced. This is despite many experts warning that the faulty insulation on these cables could start failing as early as next year (2015). When the insulation fails, the risk of an electrical shock or the possibility of a fire being started increases dramatically.

According to the ACCC, fewer than 150 of the estimated 40 000 homes and businesses fitted with the faulty cable have had it replaced. Or to put it another way, only .4% of the 4000 kilometres of the cable has been replaced. That’s a whole lot of potential risk still out here.

IMPORTANT: Fallon Solutions doesn’t use (and have never used) Infinity Cable.

What should you do if you’ve had electrical wiring done in the last few years?

It is recommended that if you’ve had any electrical work completed in the last few years that you contact the Electrician who did it to confirm if they used the faulty cable. If they did, then the cable supplier should organise an inspection and replacement at no cost to you.

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