Install a PeakSmart Air Conditioner receive up to $500 reward

Energex is offering a reward of up to $500 for installing a PeakSmart air conditioner in your home or business. The aim of the promotion is to reduce peak demand on South East Queensland’s electricity grid and use the electricity system more efficiently.

Your PeakSmart air conditioner is installed with a small signal receiver that remotely receives a notification from Energex when peak demand levels are reached. Your air conditioning system then cap’s it’s energy consumption to help reduce the grid levels. The effect of this cap varies between air conditioners, most will continue to cool or heat but will see a reduction in consumption of up to 50%.\

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Each household or business is eligible to claim up to three rewards per premises. The reward is dependent on the cooling capacity of your PeakSmart air conditioner.

  • Less than 4kW – $150
  • 4kW to 10kW – $250
  • 10kW or more – $500

PeakSmart Air Conditioner Brands

There is a large range of models to choose from when purchasing a PeakSmart air conditioner, across several brands, including:

Fallon Solutions Air Conditioning

Fallon Solutions qualified air conditioning technicians can install your PeakSmart air conditioner and a signal receiver, complete all necessary forms and answer any questions you might have about the PeakSmart promotion.

Call Fallon Solutions today on 1300 762 260 or complete our Air Conditioner Booking request form to find out which system PeakSmart system will work best in your home or business.

To find out more about the PeakSmart offer visit – Energex PeakSmart Air Conditioning