Introducing smart technology to your outdoor area

Increasing numbers of homeowners in Queensland are deciding to upgrade their property with smart security technology, as it gives them peace of mind knowing that they’ll receive an alert if someone tries to break into their home. Many also enjoy the extra convenience that comes with it, as smart tech can simplify daily life by letting you control smart devices via your mobile phone.

Light it up

LED sensor light

An outdoor LED sensor light is not only convenient for when you’re going outside after dark, as it will automatically turn on without you having to flick a switch, it’s also a great addition to your home’s security. If an intruder enters your property and passes the light, the sensor will notice the movement and the light will turn on. So if something is going on around your house, you’ll be aware of it.

Open the gates



An IP intercom comes with many benefits: If a visitor comes to your home and calls the intercom, you will automatically receive a phone call, so you always know when someone’s at your door – even if you’re not home. Additionally, the device can open your front door or gate with your mobile device, so in the event that one of your family members is unexpectedly locked out when no one is home, it’s easy to let them in, by simply unlocking the door or gate on your smartphone.

Being safe in your home

CCTV camera


CCTV cameras are a great safety measure for your home, as you can monitor the areas around your house, and you will be notified when someone enters your property. When the camera detects movement, it will send automated alerts to your smartphone. The Acusense camera doesn’t only have a motion-activated sensor light, it also has a built-in speaker with preconfigured messages loaded to scare off intruders.

These are only some of the smart technology devices we can install for your home. If you are interested in upgrading your property with smart tech, call us on 1300 712 028.