Is your heater safe?

Queenslanders are a little sensitive to the cooler weather and the slight temperature drops in the mornings and evenings mean we’ve started to dust off our heaters that have been hibernating in the cupboard. Before you start up your heater, to make getting up in the morning more manageable, there are a few safety concerns you need to be aware of before, during and after use.

Check for wear and tear.

Never operate a heater you suspect may be unsafe or damaged. Make sure there is no damage to the cord or the plug. If the plug or outlet get too hot during use, do not continue to use the heater. Have an electrician inspect/replace the plug or faulty outlet.

Be mindful where you put it

Keep it out of high traffic areas where it could pose a trip hazard. Keep pets and children away from the heater.

Do not run the heater wires under a rug as this can damage the cord.

Place the heater away from combustible materials such as paper bins, desks, curtains and carpet.

It may be tempting to take your heater into the bathroom. If you do this, make sure the cord does not come into contact with water, never touch a heater if you are wet.

Maximise efficiency

Keep doors and windows closed. Turn the heater off when you know you will no longer be using the room. Try not to keep turning it off and on again during use and avoid changing the temperature too much as this can increase energy consumption.

Check your safety switches

Making sure your safety switches are working properly could prevent electrocution from damaged or unsafe heaters. If you’re not sure, seek the advice of an electrician.

Check your smoke alarms

Electric heaters are high-wattage appliances and have the potential to cause major fires if left unattended or near combustible materials. While you should never leave a heater on while a room is unattended, forgetfulness or choosing to leave the heater on in the bedroom while asleep does occur. It is important to check your smoke alarms to ensure your safety should a heater ignite. You may also want to consider whether your current smoke alarms comply with the legislation, find out more QLD Smoke Alarm Legislation, or you have one of our electricians come to check your system and provide you with a quote.