Is your hot water system on the way out?

The days are getting shorter and cooler, winter is on its way (some would say it’s already arrived). Now is the time to ensure your hot water system is up to the demands the coming cold winter mornings will place on it.

We have all experienced the disappointment and inconvenience of getting in the shower only to be confronted with freezing cold water. Sometimes the issue is just over-use by another person in the house but occasionally it will be your hot water system is on its last legs. A typical life span for a hot water system is around 10 years.


Common Hot Water System Issues

So how do you know when your hot water system needs to be upgraded or replaced? Here we have listed some things to look out for.

Please note – Be very careful when checking your hot water system, if you are unsure how to do any of the tasks below safely please call Fallon Services and we can send a professional plumber to investigate your hot water system issues.

  • Is the water coming from the tap rusty or brown in colour?
  • Is the water muddy or does it have sediment in it?
  • Is your hot water system making strange sounds? Some noise from the water heating up is normal, however, if you are noticing cracking or popping noises these should be checked by a plumber.
  • Is there power to the hot water system? Check the hot water fuse.
  • Is the pilot light out? Does this happen often?
  • Does the hot water have a strange smell or metallic taste?
  • Are you getting less hot water? If a month ago, you could take a 10-minute shower and now it only lasts 3 minutes your system may need to be replaced.
  • Is water leaking out of the system? Be especially cautious in this eventuality. Turn off power or gas to the system and call a licenced plumber immediately!
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You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you replace your system BEFORE it stops working for good. Unfortunately hot water system failure often happens after hours and before a hot date!

How can we help with your hot water replacements?

Fallon Solutions Master Plumbers can diagnose your hot water issues and replace your hot water system if needed. We carry a wide range of hot water system brands such as RheemRinnai, and Thermasol. Call today on 1300 762 260 or complete our Booking Form and one of our team will contact you.