Keep your home safe with security sensor lighting

Every year the burglary statistics increase and we are left wondering what we can do to prevent our homes from falling victim to thieves. Do we need to put bars on all the windows and train up a guard dog? Well, you could, but by just putting in place a few simple security measures you could make your home less inviting to housebreakers.

Security Lighting

Well placed security sensor lights can be a great deterrent to potential thieves. Making your home visible from the street or the neighbour’s house during the day and night can lower your chances of becoming a statistic. Place sensor lighting at entry points such as your front and back door as well as the gates. But don’t forget the sides of the house and the garage as well.

Sensor lights are an economical choice as they only come on when needed. Many LED models provide great light for very little power.

For more information – Security Lighting Brisbane

Lock up

It sounds ridiculously obvious. We all remember to lock our homes when we are going out, which is great. What about when you are at home? Modern homes are quite large, quite often designed specifically so that you can’t hear what is happening in the kitchen when you are in the bedrooms. Lock the front door and windows if you are in the backyard and vice versa. It only takes a minute to walk in and take an arm full of your valuables.

Trim Trees

Trim your garden to avoid dark spots or potential hiding places. Keep trees and bushes away from the house and prune regularly to keep visibility high.

Shut up

We are not talking about your door or windows, we have covered that. What is the easiest way for a thief to find out if you are not going to be home and it is open season on your valuables? You tell them. Yes, that’s right, by announcing to the world on social media that you are off on your dream holiday on Saturday you are letting everyone know your house is available. It is pretty easy for opportunistic crims to keep an eye out for this kind of info on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Our advice, keep it to yourself until you are back home and then make everyone jealous with your great pic’s.

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