LED Floodlights – a great way to light large areas

Looking for a way to light up a large area with low ongoing electrical costs? Maybe you thought that LED lights were great for lighting small areas but not for large areas outside. Well LED lighting has come a long way and we now have very effective LED Flood Lights.

One of the new LED Floodlights on the market that Fallon Services are very proud to support are the JETA LED Compact Floodlight. These LED Flood Lights have the following features:

  • Come in both 30W (1900 Lumens) and 55W (3300 Lumens)
  • Choose from Black or White finishes
  • Include a full 360º rotational bracket
  • Produces a wide uniform beam angle of 120º
  • Cool white 4500K colour temperature
  • Last 35 000 hours.

LED floodlighting on old building

So if you’re looking to light a large external area, why not consider LED Floodlights – your electricity bill will look better for it.