Lessons learned from The Block 2017

With all the drama and ups and downs, The Block certainly holds entertainment value, but it also provides valuable lessons on renovation projects. Keep these tips in your tool belt and your home renovation may run a lot smoother and see a better return on investment.

1. The importance of planning

Remember Jason and Sarah’s unfinished master suite? Although with your own renovation, there won’t be judges, cameras and short deadlines, this is an example of poor planning.

Consider the purpose and usage of each room and how the space permits change. From there you can get into the nitty-gritty of design and functionality.

Stick to your plan, because the impact of changes can drive costs and timelines up. Plumbingelectrical and carpentry can be especially pricey and labour-intensive. Changing the kitchen cabinets slightly, moving power points and plumbing may take more time and resources than you think.

2. Always consider the resale value

As part of your planning, you should have also thought about resale value and who the average buyer in your area, for your size property is.

As much as you may want a wine cooler and other trendy gadgets – this limits space for more practical things, such as a fridge or benchtop space. Clint and Hannah, we’re pointing the finger at you!

Design is the fun part, and it’s easy to get carried away with some quirky decorating. Be aware of choosing a design that may only appeal to obscure/niche tastes. The judges expressed this concern when they entered Ronnie and Georgia’s living room.

Play it safe with neutral colours, subtle highlights and choose practical over trendy.

3. Track your budget

Jason and Sarah fell victim to their ignorance when Cam sat them down to discuss their budgeting issues. While somewhat inevitable, budget blowouts are manageable if you keep track of your spending and learn from mistakes.

This means not only tracking bills and invoices but all small purchases as it may surprise you how much they can add up over time.

4. Do it right the first time

Don’t cut corners. You may be feeling overconfident in your abilities and decide to DIY something that is best done by a professional. You might be saving money, but long term you could be costing yourself more.

It is also important to employ the right professional. Hannah and Clint had to redo their bathroom after hiring commercial tradesmen rather than domestic. Not all tradesmen are created equal, make sure whoever you hire is experienced in their field and has relevant licensing.

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