LG Home Energy Storage Battery Recall Update

LG ESS Home Energy Storage Battery & LG S/A Gen2 ESS Battery Recall

LG Energy Solution Australia is enlisting the assistance of electricians across the country to help identify every one of the recalled home energy storage batteries which are installed in residential solar systems around the country.

While solar electricians are on the lookout for these recalled solar batteries, homeowners with battery storage integrated into their solar PV system should check the battery to ensure that they are not in possession of a faulty unit.

LG Energy Solution Australia first announced the safety recall for some of the ESS home energy storage batteries on 24 February 2021. With an update to include more of the LG batteries in August 2021, and further units due to a diagnostic software recall in November 2022.

Important – If you previously checked your LG or S/A Gen2 battery serial number after the initial recall you will need to recheck as additional serial numbers have been included in the new recall.

Which LG & Gen2 ESS batteries are being recalled?

LG branded RESU batteries and affected S/A Gen2 batteries are installed in non-LG branded systems including:

  • SolaX Power Station
  • SolaX X-Cabinet
  • Opal Storage (also included in a related recall by SolaX)
  • Redback SH5000
  • Red Earth Sunrise
  • Red Earth Drop Bear
  • Eguana Evolve
  • VARTA Pulse Neo

LG and Gen2 models with recalled batteries include:

  • RESU3.3
  • RESU6.5
  • RESU10
  • RESU13
  • RESU7H Type R
  • RESU10H Type C
  • RESU10H Type R
  • RESU10H Type R Secondary
  • S/A Gen2 1P (EM048063P3S2, EM048063P3S4, EM048063P3S5)
  • S/A Gen2 2P (EM048126P3S7, EM048126P3S8)
Recalled LG Solar Batteries
Recalled LG solar batteries – image Product Safety Australia

Why are these solar batteries being recalled?

The batteries may overheat and cause a fire.

LG & Gen2 Suppliers

The affected batteries were supplied to consumers in Queensland and around Australia from May 2017 from a range of retailers, installers or distributors including (but not limited to):

  • AGL Energy
  • Baywa
  • Cool or Cosy
  • CSR
  • Eguana Technologies
  • Energy Australia
  • Krannich Solar
  • MMEM
  • One Stop Warehouse
  • Rheem
  • Red Earth Energy Storage
  • Solar Juice
  • Solargain
  • SolarHub
  • SolaX
  • Sonepar (as Solar Plus Solutions)
  • Supply Partners

If your battery was supplied or purchased by any of these companies need to check the serial number as soon as possible.

Important Note – Fallon Solutions has not supplied or installed any of the recalled products.

How to find the battery serial number

Recalled SolaX solar battery
SolaX X-Cabinet – image Product Safety Australia
SolaX Power Station
SolaX Power Station – image Product Safety Australia
Opal Storage Power Station
Opal Storage Power Station – image Product Safety Australia

What to do now?

Visit LG or SolaX to find out if your battery serial number identifies it as a recalled unit.

  • RESU – LG branded systems –
  • Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Evolve or Pulse Neo residential energy storage system – contact LG or if you have the serial number check here
  • SolaX X-Cabinet, SolaX Power Station, or an Opal Storage-branded system – contact SolaX Power (details below) or if you have the serial number check here

If your battery is one of the recalled items you are instructed to turn off the battery following the instructions on the battery storage system immediately. It is essential to turn the unit off to minimise the risk of fire.


LG has stated that the company will replace all affected batteries or provide a refund and remove the battery from your property. Follow the instructions here for the next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact:

LG Energy Solution Australia –

  • email –
  • phone 1300 677 273

SolaX Power –

  • email –
  • phone – 1300 476 529

Local solar battery specialists

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More information on the solar battery recall can be found here –