Has your solar battery been recalled?

LG solar battery product safety recall

Do you have a battery fitted to your solar PV system? If so, stop what you are doing and go and check if it is an LG, SolaX or Opal branded solar energy storage battery system.


The ACCC has issued a product recall for a selection of LG solar batteries due to the risk of overheating leading to fire, serious injury, death and property damage. There have been 9 incidents involving these solar batteries, all resulting in property damage and one in injury, reported in Australia since 2019.

A product recall was issued by LG and the ACCC in February 2021 however thousands of batteries still remain in homes throughout Australia.

The recalled LG batteries were supplied either separately or installed into residential solar energy storage systems branded:

  • SolaX’s X-cabinet
  • PowerStation
  • Opal Storage

It’s essential that homeowners check the list of serial numbers (on the LG Energy Solution website here – ) to determine if they have a recalled solar battery unit.

Recalled LG solar batteries – image Product Safety Australia

SolaX X-Cabinet – image Product Safety Australia

SolaX Power Station – image Product Safety Australia

Opal Storage Power Station – image Product Safety Australia

What to do if you have one of the recalled solar batteries?

Contact LG to discuss the appropriate next steps. LG will provide a free replacement battery when available.

Electricity regulators recommend switching off the battery following the instructions in the product manual or contacting their solar installer or LG for advice.

More information on the recalled batteries, where to find the serial number, and what to do next can be found on the LG website here –

More details on the product safety recall on the ACCC Product Safety Australia website here:

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