Light Globe Comparison Guide

With so many different light bulbs available and the introduction of more energy-efficient globes, it has sure got confusing on what globes to use where for which application. Different types of light globes use different amounts of electricity to produce the same amount of light.

The traditional incandescent light bulbs are the most inefficient type of lighting option available which is why they are being phased out. They use a lot more electricity to operate than the new compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) They also produce much more heat. As a rule the higher the wattage, the higher the running costs.

A 20W CFL does not have the same output as a traditional incandescent 20W light. The light is more equivalent to a 100W light. Halogen lighting options use about 60% as much power to produce the same output, although Halogen lights generally are not used in place of incandescent lights.

As lights are manufactured by different companies that use various lighting technology there is no one easy way to determine what globe to use where. Below however is a rough guide to assist you with wattage conversion for lumen output.

If you know what light your incandescent bulbs produce then you can use this table to work what other light products produce.

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Light bulb comparison guide

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