Effective lighting solutions for your home

Making the correct decisions when planning your home lighting, whether you are building or renovating, will have a huge effect on the look, feel and functionality of your house. Fallon Solutions accredited Master Electricians have a huge amount of experience in lighting solutions for your home.

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There are many aspects to consider when lighting your home. Good lighting is more than just having lots of light.

Anyone who has had to work in a badly lit kitchen knows that a lot of light in the wrong position is often worse than low light. Traditionally house builders positioned one light fitting in the centre of the room and we worked constantly in our own shadows. A situation that is not only draining but also dangerous.

Kitchen lighting

Solutions for your home lighting plan

Some points to consider when planning your lighting design:

What the room is used for?

The lighting in your kitchen will be very different to the lighting in the bedroom. Kitchen’s need very specific lighting solutions such as task lighting (for cooking and working on benches and countertops) which could be under cabinet lighting. Ambient lighting is also needed in the kitchen to give light to the rest of the room evenly.

Bathrooms on the other hand are best suited to natural light where possible. Bright, but not cold lighting will illuminate your bathroom mimicking natural light (leave the spotlights for the hospital operating room).

Bathroom lighting

How big is the room?

Do you have an open plan living area? Is your dining area separate from the kitchen or lounge room?

Living areas are suited to multiple lights which are able to be controlled in small groups, with dimmers if possible, to set the ambience and mood. Taking into account the colours used in the living area, dark colours will absorb more light than white or light furniture and flooring.

Does the area need ambient or feature lighting?

A hall could be lit with ambient lighting or if you had artwork along the walls feature lighting may be a better arrangement.

Feature lighting can be used well in living area’s as well to highlight aspects or provide lighting for the dining table. The bedroom can also benefit from both styles of lighting, ambient for general room light and feature lighting for the mirror or reading lights.

Which type of lighting would suit?

Task lighting such as over the kitchen bench would suit LED lights or downlights. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs, also known as long-life bulbs) and linear or tubular lamps are great for ambient light in area’s which need light for long periods.

What type of surfaces are in the room?

Dark carpet or thick light carpet will reflect the light differently to white tiles in your living area. A country kitchen with dark wooden cabinets will absorb light and need extra lighting compared with a predominately white kitchen with glass splashbacks.

Is the lighting itself to be used as decoration?

Do you have a dining room where a chandelier is to be positioned over the table or an area where a decorative lamp could be used? Lighting has been used for interior adornment of homes for centuries. Candelabra were used to decorate and provide light in pre-electricity times.

Electrician testing light switch

How can your lighting plan be the most cost and energy-efficient?

Planning your lighting design without over lighting an area and using the most suitable style of light can save lots on running costs. For instance, CFL light globes are much cheaper to run than halogen lights for an ambient area.

How much natural light does the room receive and how to use it effectively?

Skylights and well-placed windows will reduce the need to use lighting during the day. Kitchens and bathrooms benefit greatly from the use of natural light.

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However large or small your lighting project our team of accredited Master Electricians can be on hand to provide lighting solutions, advise and install your lighting design.

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