Looking for a quick and easy home project this weekend? Get creative and set up a reading nook!

The crisp weather is the perfect excuse to stay in, get comfortable with a plush throw, and a captivating book. If you consider yourself a bookworm, then why not set up a cosy dedicated reading space? Get inspired by these picture-perfect reading nooks to create a little piece of heaven in your home!

1. A relaxing feel good space

Feel Good Book Nook

Take a seat, hang out and enjoy a break from everyday life. If you don’t mind adding a little swing to your reading corner, consider incorporating a hanging chair. Set the tone for your relaxation area by adding luscious green pot plants and a warm light source.

2. Create your happy place

Happy Place Reading Nook

Start by setting up a cushioned armchair near a big window and combine it with retro furnishing, a small side table for your books and magazines and a stylish lamp that will supply enough light once the sun goes down. Don’t forget about the details that make the look complete: a cute throw and a comfortable cushion are a must!

3. Embrace neutral tones

Neutral Reading Nook

When it comes to setting up a comfortable space in your home, you don’t always have to go big and bold. It’s easier to unwind when your mind is not distracted by a busy or cluttered surrounding. So introduce neutral colours by picking a chair and a lamp in a soft shade and compliment the area with some greenery.

4. For the little ones

Kids Reading Nook

A dedicated reading space can help the kids focus on their books. Keep in mind that the lighting is one of the most important elements for a reading nook; it’s always best to go with natural light where possible, as it is gentle on the eyes. A low and wide windowsill is the ideal spot (just make sure the window handle is out of the children’s reach or keep the window locked). Add patterned décor cushions, plush throws and soft toys to give it a cosy and intimate feel.

5. Keep it simple

Simple Reading Nook

Setting up a reading nook doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. This area was created with the principle of less is more. The star of the show is the big blue bean bag paired with colourful cushions that create the ideal hangout area for the kids.

6. Bring back vintage

Vintage Look Reading Nook

Take your reading nook to the next level by embracing the vintage vibe! This set up looks like it could as well be in a cute French café. The big comfy armchair is decorated with a cushion in knit optic and paired with the round golden table, creating a romantic vibe. The comfy throw and flowers complete the look. The only thing that will make this nook even better is a hot cup of tea.

7. Create a comfy nest

Nest Reading Nook

This cute and comfortable nest is what an unused corner of your home has been waiting for. Pick a sunny spot, ideally right in front of a big window, so you can soak up the winter sun while winding down. Then add a comfy chair, cover it with a soft throw, cushions and a plush rug to keep your feet warm.