Looking for an alternative to toilet paper?

In response to the coronavirus threat, many Australians are in panic buying mode and on the hunt for toilet paper to be prepared if worst comes to worst. It can be quite tricky to find toilet paper on the shelves of supermarkets at the moment.

There are some great alternatives but here’s one that you should avoid at all costs:

Don’t flush this down the toilet…

When looking for a toilet paper replacement, many people turn to flushable wet wipes. But what most of them don’t know is that these wet wipes can cause a major problem: A blocked drain.

Flushable wet wipes clearly shouldn’t come with the description “flushable”, because they actually don’t break down and can get stuck in your drain. This is also the case with baby wipes, as they’re not biodegradable either.

Modern toilets use a low volume of water which is enough to flush down solids, but it takes many flushes in order for them to break down.

When lots of people flush materials that shouldn’t be thrown in the toilet, this can result in blockages in the council mains which can become a huge issue for the infrastructure.

Other things that don’t belong in the toilet are:

  • hand towels,
  • napkins,
  • newspapers,
  • sanitary items,
  • nappies

Always remember the PPP rule: Only flush pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

So what can be used instead of toilet paper?

A great no-waste, environmentally-friendly alternative to using toilet paper are bidets.

They are used in many countries, especially in parts of Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. It’s a much cleaner process than using toilet paper and some bidets have a built-in dryer, so there’s no need to wipe after using the bidet sprayer. For a bit of extra comfort, you can have a bidet installed that features a heated seat.

We supply and install different types of bidets that will fit a wide range of existing toilets. Call us today and we can send one of our qualified plumbers to your home to talk you through all options.