Lower your business insurance with thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is increasingly used by businesses to reduce commercial insurance premiums. Not only can electrical thermal imaging lower insurance, but a business can also prevent breakdown and minimise production downtime.

Thermal imaging survey of switchboards provides the business with an important tool to establish a low-risk environment and effective fire reduction strategies. Insurance companies are moving to include thermal imaging as an essential requirement for commercial premises fire risk assessment.

Thermal imaging camera

How can electrical thermal imaging help?

Electrical fault detection is an essential preventative maintenance instrument for businesses. Thermal imaging can pinpoint trouble area’s before problems arise. Hot spots in the electrical wiring and connections are generally traced to high resistance areas with multiple causes of failure.

Electrical thermal imaging can also:

  • measure temperature variations accurately
  • accurately target area’s which need repair
  • reduce unscheduled outages and losses
  • reduce electrical energy costs by increasing energy efficiency
  • increase the efficiency of maintenance programs
  • document faults for corrective action or reporting processes
  • reduce the risk of expensive equipment damage from an electrical fault

Thermal image of switchboard

An experienced electrician can carry out electrical thermal imaging without interrupting your business’s day to day running and repairs can be scheduled for a time that suits the business.

Fallon Solutions recommends yearly testing of electrical systems with thermal imaging to maintain the safety of staff, equipment and buildings. For more on Electrical Thermal Imaging.