Master Electricians Australia urge homeower Safety Switch action

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has urged homeowners to take the initiative and install electrical safety switches on all electrical circuits in a move to stop electrical accidents and deaths in the home.

After the recent recommendations from the home insulation Royal Commission that the government moves to introduce additional safety switch legislation, the MEA is encouraging property owners not to wait, but move to install complete electrical safety systems now.

Ensuring all homes are electrically safe is a priority for Master Electricians Australia.

“Homeowners need to take action now and ensure they have safety switches installed on every circuit in their homes to guarantee we put an end to the unnecessary loss of life through electrocution,” MEA Chief Executive Officer Mr Malcolm Richards said.

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The Royal Commission found that the three electrocution deaths which occurred under the Home Insulation Program could have been prevented had the homes had safety switches installed on all electrical circuits.

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