Natural Gas Safety at Home

Natural Gas Safety

To ensure your home is kept safe below are a few tips for safety when it comes to Natural Gas at home.

  • Appliances – remember to check when purchasing new appliances that they are Natural Gas Compliant and certified by a regulatory approved agency.
  • Ensure that your new appliances and equipment are installed by qualified tradespeople. All connections and installations must comply with Australian Standards. A tradesperson with a gas fitter license will be required. You will also need a compliance certificate.
  • Follow the manufactures instructions to keep your gas appliances in good working order. Remember that taking care of our equipment will ensure you enjoy a hassle-free & safe supply of natural gas.

In the event that you smell gas leaking follow these few safety tips:

  •  Do turn off the main valve of your gas supply. If any part of a gas installation starts leaking, or if you suspect there is a gas leak, the gas supply should be turned off at the isolating valve. Isolating valves are ‘ball’ valves. They are turned off when the handle is at a right angle to the pipework.
  •  The isolating valve is normally located at your meter set. Your gas meter is usually located at the side or front of your house.
  •  Don’t turn electrical appliances or light switches on or off or use mobile phones within the area where the leak is.
  •  Do turn off all sources of ignition. This includes your electricity supply. It’s important you turn off or remove all sources of ignition from the area where gas can be smelled. Isolation of these sources of ignition should be carried out outside the area from where the leak is.
  •  Do evacuate the area. Evacuate the area and then either report the leak to your natural gas network operator or contact a qualified gas fitter.

Worried about the gas systems or appliance connections in your home? Contact Fallon Solutions gas fitters to carry out gas installations or gas repairs to your property.