Never risk an unlicenced electrician

With Electricity Safety Week approaching the tragic death of a young NSW carpenter earlier this year brings the dangers of using unlicensed electricians into the spotlight.

The terrible electrical accident occurred while the carpenter was working in the roof of a Sydney home thought to have been fitted with legal wiring which connected the house directly to the mains power system, bypassing the electricity meter, switchboard, and safety switches.

Unfortunately, this was the second incident NSW emergency services had to attend to in the last few months which was believed to be linked to illegal unlicensed electricians. A few months ago fire crews responded to a house fire that was found to be caused by faulty electrical work.

Dangers of shonky electrical work

Shonky, unlicensed electrical work can put everyone in your home or business at risk of an electrical accident. The hazard extends to any tradesperson who needs to work on any part of your home, at any time in the future. Faulty electrical practices, such as connecting to the power grid illegally, could cause an accident tomorrow or next year. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

How to ensure your electrician is licenced?

Authorities encourage consumers to ask every tradesperson who works on or around their home or business for a current licence.

WorkSafe Queensland has a license search function on their website which allows customers to check the licence of their electrician.

A Queensland Electrical Licence will look like this (different categories – different coloured licences. More information on Ensure you check the expiry date of your electrician’s licence as well to make sure it’s current.

If an electrician, or any tradesperson for that matter, make excuses about why they can’t show you their licence, don’t use them. It’s not worth the risk.

Electrical Safety Week

Electrical Safety Week, which runs from 10 to 14 September 2018, promotes the importance of electrical safety for homes and workplaces across Queensland.