New Plumbing Laws – Notifiable Work

New plumbing laws will come into effect in Queensland on 1 November 2012 changing the amount of routine work a plumber can perform without a permit or mandatory inspections. These new laws also adjust the type of work that falls under the ‘minor work’ category which will not require local government approval or Plumbing Industry Council notification.

The modification to plumbing laws will reduce the costs and red tape involved in most plumbing and drainage work undertaken in existing homes. As the work no longer needs to go through a government consent process significant delays are also avoided.

How do the new plumbing laws affect you?

The government has introduced a system whereby your plumber is required to submit a Form 4-Notifiable Work to the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) each time they carry out work considered ‘Notifiable Work’ within 10 days. The PIC charges a $35 fee each time Form 4 is submitted, this charge will be added on to relevant jobs. This cost is significantly lower than the cost of permits and inspections that have been previously charged by the local government (sometimes up to $1600).

You will be issued a copy of Form 4-Notifiable Work by your plumber for your records.

The Plumbing Industry Council and your local government may contact you to arrange an inspection audit after the completion of the work.

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What is Notifiable Work?

Most plumbing and drainage work undertaken in existing homes will be classified as Notifiable Work. Including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom additions and renovations
  • Installing or replacing hot water heaters (electric, solar or heat pump)
  • Installing additional fixtures such as toilets, showers, and sinks
  • Extending or altering pipework