No Blueline Solar products used

Fallon Solutions solar electricians have never used the recalled Avancotech DC switch from Blueline Solar. Our solar installers provide quality, safe, reliable photovoltaic solar systems using premium products from reputable brands such as Growatt and SMA solar inverters and TopSola, Jinko Solar and LG solar panels.

The faulty solar power isolator switch sold by Blueline Solar was recalled in May 2014 due to a fault in the enclosure of the Avanco switch. The fault, which allowed moisture into the switch enclosure, meant that there was a risk of the switch catching fire in some circumstances.

The isolator switch is vital to the safe running of the solar power system. The switch is used to shut off the electrical current if the solar panels become overloaded or maintenance is being carried out on the solar power system.

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If your solar power system is fitted with an Avancotech DC switch you should contact your installer directly to seek a refund or replacement.

For more information on this electrical safety product recall visit the ACCC website –