Now you can have sparkling water on tap in your home

Ever since Joseph Priestly worked out how to put bubbles in water in 1767 people have been obsessed with sparkling water. Often seen as a drink for the wealthy, mineral water companies like San Pellegrino and Perrier have made millions marketing their product as premium drinks. Thanks to new innovations such as the Zip HydoTap G4 you can impress your guests with sparkling water on tap in your home.

There’s no denying it Australia has a hot climate. In south-east Queensland, we get on average over 260 days of sun per year with a median high of 25 degrees Celsius. But even in cooler parts of the country health experts advise Australians to drink more water with dehydration being linked to many issues such as migraines, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

But most find it difficult to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day in order to stay adequately hydrated (2.1 litres). Let’s face it, plain old water can be boring, and depending on where you live the tap water can have a taste that some find unpalatable. Bottled water has its downside too, the bottled water industry is taking over $700 million of our hard-earned cash each year and the packaging associated with it is clogging up our oceans and landfill.

Health benefits of water

Having filtered sparkling water available to your home any time of the day or night means you and your family are more likely to drink more H2O and, as a consequence, gain from the great health benefits being properly hydrated brings. Benefits such as:

  • increased concentration
  • proper heart and kidney function
  • healthy body temperature regulation
  • improved complexion – keeps skin soft, smooth and clear
  • aids digestion – keeps everything moving along
  • helps fight fatigue
  • water is found to lower the incidence of bladder cancer
  • enhances mood
  • prevents some headaches
  • protects joints and cartilage around joints keeping them lubricated – helping to prevent cramps and sprains

You get the picture, water is great!

4 Refreshing sparkling water mixers

Water doesn’t need to be plain. Spruce up your next glass with these revitalising mixers.

  •  Citrus and berries – Lemon, lime, orange, berries (whatever’s fresh), mint and a few slices of cucumber.
  •  Tropical – Pineapple, mint and ginger
  •  Zing – Orange, grapefruit and coriander
  •  Replenish – Pineapple, pitted cherries and apples

Sparkling water on tap

Find out how you can have sparkling water on tap in your home today with the Zip HydroTap G4.

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