Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Below are some helpful tips that you can use to keep your home’s plumbing working and minimise the need for costly repairs.

Taps and Sinks

  • Leaking taps can waste thousands of litres of water (not to mention energy if it’s a hot water tap). A dripping tap is obvious, but not so obvious is one leaking from the base. Always check for moisture around and under sinks. If you find a leaking tap, then fix it – or call a plumber, otherwise, you’re not only wasting water but can cause damage to the surrounding area.
  • Remove and clean tap aerators every year. This will ensure an even flow.
  • Always ensure that the overflow holes in sinks are cleared, to prevent possible overflowing causing damage to cupboards and floors.


  •  Leaking toilets are another source of wasted water. To check for small leaks, put some food colouring into the cistern and check for colouring in the bowl after a while. If there’s colour, then you have a leak and should get it fixed by replacing the washers etc.

Blocked Drains

  • To prevent blocked drains, fit your bath and showers with strainers to catch hair and soap chips. Clean these regularly.
  • Don’t pour fats or oils down the kitchen sink as these can solidify in the cold pipes and cause a blockage.
  • Avoid using caustic drain cleaners (like Drano) to clear a blocked drain. These end up being trapped in the pipe and can cause serious damage to them. Best contact a plumber to use an eel or Jet Rodder to clear.

Garbage Disposals

  • Always use plenty of cold water when running them.
  • Don’t overload them.
  • Don’t put hard food scraps down them like bones (or my wife’s biscuits).
  • Never use a caustic drain cleaner (like Drano) in them.

These are just a few tips, but if you take notice of them, you won’t need to call us as often.