The Calm After the Storm — How We Can Help You

Storms, especially like the intense ones experienced over the holiday period, can wreak havoc on our homes. Strong winds, heavy rains, and lightning strikes can cause damage to various components of your home’s infrastructure. It’s crucial to address any issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and comfort of your household.

What are some of the checks you may require?

  1. Plumbing:  Check for leaks, pipe damage, and water pressure issues to ensure your plumbing system is intact and functioning properly.
  2. Electrical Systems: Inspect electrical wiring, outlets, and fixtures for any signs of damage or malfunction caused by power surges or lightning strikes.
  3. Air Conditioning: Storms can affect your air conditioning unit’s performance. We can assess its functionality, clean filters, and check for any damage to ensure optimal cooling efficiency.
  4. Solar Panels: Solar panels are exposed to the elements during storms. We can inspect them for damage, loose connections, and efficiency to ensure they continue to harness solar energy effectively.

Our team of qualified technicians are committed to delivering prompt, professional service and ensuring your home remains safe and comfortable all year-round.

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