Preparing for a cyclone in Queensland

Over the last few decades since 1970 a range of cyclones have threatened the Queensland Coast.

To ensure you are prepared in the event of a cyclone the Qld Government has a helpful booklet.

Use this checklist to make sure you are prepared should you be faced with a cyclone.

  •  Have you trimmed overhanging branches?
  •  Have you cleared your gutters?
  •  Have your removed all loose items from your property?
  •  Is your roof and guttering secure?
  •  Have you installed metal window shutters?
  •  Have you prepared an Emergency Kit that includes the following:torch, portable radio, spare batteries, first aid kit, essential medications, non-perishable food, sturdy gloves, waterproof plastic bags, candles and matches
  •  Do you have a spare supply of fuel in the event of an evacuation?
  •  Do you have an emergency supply of water?
  •  Does your family have an Evacuation Plan?
  •  Have you checked your insurance policy?

Bureau of Meteorology

In addition to the web services the Bureau issues phone and fax information services.
Automated Telephone Messages: Cyclone Advices (Watch/Warning):

  •  QLD: 1300 659 212
  •  NT: 1300 659 211
  •  WA: 1300 659 210

Weather-by-Fax: Directory pages (poll fax):

  •  QLD: 1902 935 277
  •  NT: 1902 935 218
  •  WA: 1902 935 297