Burst flexi hoses don’t leave home without having them checked this Easter Break

A burst flexi-hose can cause a lot of water damage in a very short period of time, which makes them especially problematic if you’re away on holiday when it happens.

Flexi hoses are used in various locations in the plumbing systems throughout almost every home. They are a common plumbing fitting used to connect tapware. They are also a common plumbing problem that can lead to water leaks in your home.

Why do flexi-hoses fail?

There are a couple of reasons why flexi-hoses burst. One is age, over time the rubber inner hose can become brittle and crack, or the stainless steel outer cover can rust weakening the integrity, eventually leading to a sudden failure. The other main cause is thought to be faulty installation. Hoses that are installed incorrectly or are too tight can also result in ruptures.

Often issues occur before the hose has even been fitted, with kinks or damage happening while the hose is still in its packaging.

Flexi hose connected to a toilet

Why is there a greater chance of a flexi-hose leak while you’re away on holiday?

It seems illogical that flexi hose leaks occur more when residents are away from the home than when they’re in. Surely it’s a random accident? However, there is a plausible hypothesis for this odd phenomenon.

The issue is thought to result from the constant water pressure on the weak points in the flexi hose over an extended period of time. (The duration of your holiday for instance). As mentioned above there are many reasons these weak points can develop such as wear and tear or faulty installation practices.

Over a normal day this pressure is released many times over when you turn on a tap, flush the loo, run the washing machine, etc. The maximum time between these tasks would commonly be around 8 or 9 hours (when you’re asleep or out for the day). But when this high pressure is sustained for days at a time the likelihood of a leak is greatly increased.

Under sink plumbing with flexi hoses

What can you do to prevent flexi-hose failure?

Reducing the likelihood of flexi hose failures is relatively simple – carrying out regular inspections and replacing them when necessary.

You can also install the Flo Leak Protector system, which is a device that is fitted to your home mains water pipe that alerts you via an app on your phone when an unexpected water flow is detected. This allows you to remotely shut off the water supply, stopping leaks before they can cause excessive damage.

Find out more about the Flo by Moen Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff system here – Flo Leak Protection System

Flo by Moen water leak detection system

If you’re going away on holiday, make sure you take these steps to prevent any potential disasters!

Inspect the flexi hoses in your home regularly

Get familiar with where these hoses are in your home, check under the kitchen sink (mixer tap & dishwasher), vanity basins, behind toilets, and beneath the laundry tub. Inspect the flexi hoses for signs of rust, corrosion, deterioration of the outer stainless steel braiding or bulges in the hose which could indicate the inner tube has stretched.

It’s very important to carry out regular inspections of flexi hoses for any signs of wear and tear and contact your plumber if you notice any deterioration.

Any changes or damages to the hose need to be checked by your plumber to ensure the connection is still completely secure.

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Replace old or damaged flexi hoses

If you have a flexi hose that looks like it is past its best, ask your local plumber to replace it immediately (before you go on your Easter holiday).

Protect your home with a Flo Leak Protector

If you’re going away this year, consider installing a Flo Leak Protector to ensure any leaks are caught before they cause damage.

Fallon Solutions offers a wide range of options to protect your home from water damage due to burst flexi hoses, including the Flo Leak Protector. Contact our plumbing team today at 1300 762 260 for a stress-free Easter break.

Find out more about the hidden risk of flexi hoses with Lee Carseldine in this Fallon video:

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