Recalled Samsung washing machine causes fires

A few models of Samsung top loader washing machines are still causing fires despite the company issuing recalls for the faulty models over two years ago (April 2013).

Two recent fires in NSW have prompted Samsung Electronics Australia, the ACCC, and the NSW Fair Trading to re-issue the recall notices. A staggering 91,144 of the 144,451 machines sold in Australia have yet to be repaired. That means over 91,000 Australian homes are at risk of fire from these washing machines every day.

59 incidents have occurred in the country due to the recalled Samsung machines, 36 of those were serious fire hazards. The fire risk occurs when internal water condenses into an internal connector (motor connection).

The electrical team at Fallon Solutions urges customers to check their machine’s model number if they have a Samsung top-loading washing machine. We know it can be difficult to get to the back of your machine to check the model number but this issue needs to be taken very seriously, your home and family could be at risk.

What to do if you have a recalled Samsung machine

If your machine is one of the recalled models call Samsung via their product safety hotline 1800 239 655 or email the company at wm.samsung@samsung.com. Samsung will help to arrange for a trained appliance service technician to come to your home and carry out repairs to your top loader to ensure it is safe to use.

Recalled Samsung top loader washing machine model numbers:


The risk to person and property is real, every time you use your machine. For more information visit productsafety.gov.au/recalls