Reduce the risk of a flood emergency in your home with these 3 expert tips

If your home has ever been affected by a flood, you know what serious damage it can do to your property. Water everywhere – the floor is covered in puddles and water is dripping from the skirting boards. The wallpaper or paint is coming off and the furniture is stained. It’s a horror scenario!

What causes a flood?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the risk of a flood caused by high water occurring naturally is higher in houses that are built in low-lying areas and close to the water. But a flood can also be the consequence of;

  •  Faulty, rusty or poorly installed flexible water hoses
  •  Broken pipes
  •  Poor drainage
  •  Malfunctioning appliances
  •  Forgetting to turn off the tap
  •  Damaged foundation

and more.

Instead of having to deal with the consequences of a flood emergency in your home, take action now by putting in place the following precautions.

3 pre-emptive tips on how to reduce the risk of a flood occurring in your home

  •  Make the switch to polyamide braided flexible hoses and have them checked regularly

Flexible water hoses are often forgotten about, as they are usually located below the sink and hidden in the middle of cleaning products and other things stored under the sink.If the flexible hoses are rusted, poorly installed or faulty, they pose a huge risk of bursting and flooding the home. That’s why it’s so important to have them checked regularly.

Stainless steel flexible hoses have a lifespan of approximately 5 years and are prone to rust; it’s only a matter of time until they fail. With the durability of approximately 15 years, polyamide braided flexible hoses are a better alternative! They’re also corrosion resistant which means that they won’t rust.

  •  Receive alerts on your smartphone if there’s a water leak somewhere in your pipes

The Flo Smart Shutoff is a smart device that is connected to your main water supply and monitors the water flow, pressure and temperature. It provides leak detection for your entire home, so if there is a leak in any of your pipes, the smart shutoff will detect it and immediately notify you via the Flo app.

It also lets you shut off the water from your smartphone from anywhere you are and if you ever miss an alert, the device will automatically shut the water off.

  •  Book in a plumbing inspection

Our professional plumbers can detect a potential leak before it becomes a major problem. During the inspection, they will inspect all flexible water hoses, valves, the water pressure, your hot water system and more and inform you if there are any concerns.

You can find out more about the five most common issues a plumbing inspection might uncover here.

Fallon Solutions can help reduce the risk of a flo/handy-hints/the-5-most-common-issues-a-plumbing-inspection-might-uncoverod emergency in your home by conducting a plumbing inspection, checking your flexible hoses and/or replacing them with polyamide braided flexible hoses and installing a Flo Smart Shutoff.

Simply dial 1300 712 028 to give us a call and we can get a professional plumber out to your home.