Reduce the risk of break-ins at home

Successful thieves like to do their work unnoticed. That is until you come home (or worse still move to another room) and see that you have belongings missing. So it, therefore, makes sense that to deter thieves from your home, you need to make it harder for them to remain unnoticed.

This normally involves ensuring that you keep on top of shrubs etc close to entry points, so they can’t be used to conceal an intruder. But as well as that, why not shine a spotlight on a potential Intruder?

Outdoor motion sensor lighting is a great way to shine a spotlight when someone approaches your home. You’ll never be surprised by an unexpected visitor at the door, as you will be alerted by the sensor lighting coming on as they approach.

But that’s not the only reason (though it is a good one) to install outdoor sensor lights:

  • You’ll never struggle to find your keys or keyhole again in the dark. The lights will come on as soon as you arrive home, lighting your way into the house.
  • Animals will be scared off when the lights come on.
  • Vandals (like Burglars) don’t like to be noticed, so will avoid the light.
  • Lastly, you will help save your energy bills as outdoor lighting will only work when it’s needed. Rather than wasting that energy lighting an empty path waiting for you to return home or a visitor to arrive.

Motion sensor lights are activated by a motion detector that can usually detect motion up to 3 metres away. The lights themselves can be adjusted to remain on for a set amount of time after being triggered (usually from 30 seconds to 10 minutes).

So give us a call to discuss your options onĀ Outdoor Sensor Lighting.