Safety Recall: Infinity Electrical Cable

A recall has been announced for Infinity TPS flat cable and orange rounded cable. This cable was primarily sold through Masters Home Improvement from April 2012. This cable has been found to have faulty insulation that will deteriorate and lose its’ insulation integrity. So if you purchased any of this and had it installed, please ensure you have it checked and removed.

Please Note: Fallon Solutions does not use Infinity Cable, so if you have used our electrical services you can be confident that your electrical cable complies with Australian Standards.

Recalled electrical cables

Below are the 2 main Infinity electrical cables being recalled:

Infinity round cable

Infinity round CableRecalled Infinity – Orange round cable

Infinity flat cable

Infinity CablesRecalled Infinity – TPS Flat cable

If you would like to know more, you can visit the ACCC recalls website –

So if you’ve had this cable installed or you are worried it has been and want to be sure, book one of our Master Electricians to come and have a look.