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Safety Recall – Power Boards and Double Adaptors

Several Big W and Woolworths Ltd sold electrical power boards, double adaptors and surge cubes have been recalled due to safety issues. The ‘Essentials’ and ‘Chevron’ brand electrical products listed below were deemed to have a risk of overheating and becoming a fire hazard.

The ACCC Product Safety Recalls Australia have issued recalls for these products due to the following defects “The electrical contacts of the sockets are poorly aligned and the plastic enclosure does not meet the flammability requirements of the applicable standard.”

Consumers are advised to cease using these products and return them to the nearest Big W or Woolworths Ltd for a full refund.

Recalled electrical products

  • ‘Chevron’ brand double adaptor, model no: CDAL and CDA
  • ‘Chevron’ brand double adaptor 2 pack, model no: DAV
  • ‘Chevron’ and ‘Essentials’ brand 4 and 6 outlet surge protected power boards with 3 metre lead, model no: WH-4PBS and WH-6PBS
  • ‘Essentials’ and ‘Chevron’ brand surge cube, model no: ZM-AFX110H
  • ‘Essentials’ brand left and right double adaptors 2 pack, model no: DAL and DAR
  • ‘Essentials’ brand double adaptor, model no: DAV
  • ‘Essentials’ brand 4 outlet powerboard with surge protection, model no: PB4S

Recall issued 7 Nov 2014

In addition, Woolworths Ltd and Big W sold ‘Essentials’ double adaptor and ‘Chevron’ double adaptor was recalled on 21 Oct 2014. Defects stated as “Due to poor workmanship internal contact may occur between live parts and earth.”. Product Safety Recall Australia state that “there is a risk of electrical shock” if using this product.

  • ‘Chevron’ brand double adaptor, model no: CDALS and CDARS, ref no: 7389146, approval no: V090112
  • Woolworths ‘Essentials’ brand double adaptor, model no: DALS and DARS, ref no: 309931, approval no: SGSEA/080773

Recall issued 21 Oct 2014

This information was sourced from the ACCC Product Safety Recalls Australia website – http://www.productsafety.gov.au/recalls

Electrical safety in your home

If you are worried about the electrical safety of any electrical equipment Fallon Solutions recommends our clients stop using the equipment immediately and call our experienced master electricians. For more information on Electrical Safety Checks.